Dr. Paddock sees patients of all shapes and sizes with a wide variety of conditions, though he does focus on certain areas.

Most patients who come see Dr. Paddock are looking for natural ways to combat high cholesterolhigh blood pressureType II Diabetes, and weight gain. Dr. Paddock helps these patients to develop diet and lifestyle programs that solve these problems.

Many other patients come see Dr. Paddock for help with allergies and autoimmune conditions. These patients often are on multiple medications which are poorly controlling their symptoms. With the help of natural treatments, patients are able to reduce their symptoms and, frequently, their need for medications.

Dr. Paddock sees patients with symptoms ranging from IBS to ADHD, and everything in between. All of his patients receive individualized treatment plans that maximize health in more ways than one. More than one patient has been pleasantly surprised to find that in lowering their blood pressure, they lose weight, or that in resolving digestive issues, their migraines go away!