Men have health issues, yet many avoid going to the doctor. Some want to avoid taking medications, others would rather do it on their own, and still others feel intimidated by their health problems. Dr. Paddock understands these concerns, and specializes in helping men to improve their health.

Men of all ages seek out Dr. Paddock's services. Young men in college seek him out to optimize their athletic performance or manage ADHD symptoms. Prevention-minded men in their 20s and 30s receive personalized diet and lifestyle plans that will help them avoid health issues down the road. And of course, Dr. Paddock works with many men with 'classically male problems,' such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, low testosterone, and prostate problems (BPH). Dr. Paddock also works with mature men looking to maintain their vitality as they enjoy their retirement.

Dr. Paddock utilizes a wide range of natural treatments for male health problems, and serves as a trusted advisor to men undergoing conventional treatments.

Dr. Paddock is one of a very few naturopathic doctors nationwide who focuses on men's health.